GOTeHomeLoans, Inc. is now Keystone Funding, Inc. Same management, same operations team, and most importantly, same commitment to transparency, service, and trust.

Check out our new website! We have many new features and enhancements, such as the ability to get customized rate quotes online, with no personal information required. And if you want to setup a personalized rate monitoring service, check out our new RateAlertSM.

Why did we change names? When GOTeHomeLoans was created in 2005, we wanted to emphasize our online presence (even though we were "brick-and-mortar"), as well as emphasize our use of modern online technology to streamline the loan process. A few years later the housing bubble burst, homeowners began going into loan default, and the unethical practices of many of our competitors were brought to light. As consumers looked for companies they could trust, with brick-and-mortar establishments, they shied away from "online brokers". Though GOTeHomeLoans had always been a brick-and-mortar establishment, never an "online broker", the name suggested otherwise. So in Janaury 2011 we changed our legal name to Keystone Funding, Inc. We feel the new name embodies the essence of what we've always been about...a company of integrity, trust, and fidelity.

Further, you will be pleased to know we are now an A-rated business with the Better Business Bureau, in addition to being a Board member of the Upfront Mortgage Brokers Association.

GOTeHomeLoans is now Keystone Funding, Inc.
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